Thursday, April 12, 2007

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

This blog still isn't exactly active yet. Project 27 Days is coming along, though. The first draft should be done within the next two months. With good editing - and hopefully, some luck in finding an agent and publisher - maybe I'm setting a goal of getting it on shelves by somewhere in the large window of this Autumn through next Spring. A lofty goal I'm setting there, I know, but what shot do I have if I don't try to really nail something down and keep myself as motivated and determined as possible? It'll be something worth reading when I'm through with it. I'll be making sure of that.

Anyway, onward to the point of this post. Kurt Vonnegut. Fantastic author, top notch humorist, and one hell of a guy. One of my personal literary heroes, and a big influence. And as everyone knows by now, he passed away the other day. Obviously, I never knew the guy or even came close to it, just having read a few of his books - and planning on reading the rest - so it's frankly difficult to find appropriate words to really say what needs to be said. But the literary world just took a major loss, and he is one who will not be forgotten by all who enjoy writing that captures the human spirit, bitch-slaps us when we've got it coming - as we so often do - and gives us something to all laugh at together. In effect, through all the writing he's produced, like old Billy Pilgrim, through his literature Kurt Vonnegut Jr. himself has become unstuck in time, to be remembered and enjoyed by all, human and Tralfamadorian alike.

Not much of a eulogy, but -
So it goes.