Thursday, May 27, 2010

Internet Spelunking: Derrick Comedy

Another week wraps up, and this guy's here again to babble at you again. (Great. Not again.) But hey, with my health gradually returning, I'm finally starting to get back to writing more. And it happens to be the case that my words cause tectonic shift. (That's what that was. Also, this is not necessarily the case with agents. This is something that can stand to change, and must for the good of the world.) Inane parentheticals.

At any rate, I plan on closing May early next week with another of my monthly short stories on here. In the meantime, have fun with the launch of another new Spiral Reverie feature - Internet Spelunking! These posts will, of course, entail the sharing of the fruits of my regular excursions into the depths of those forbidding, deathtrap-laden catacombs known collectively as the internet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trains Through Tokyo

May 19th, May 19th, and also May 19th.

It has been a while since my last post here, hasn't it? (Don't count the days.)

Before you drop a ten-ton weight on my head, I've got a valid excuse! Lucky me, I've been sick for about a week and a half now, since the 8th. Not one of those fun illnesses either where you near the brink of death and they pump you full of powerful drugs so everything seems wonderful. (Upon further examination, those aren't really fun illnesses either.) Instead, I've had one of those lovely persistent stomach viruses that make it very hard to eat much of anything and leave you feeling tired, sore, and weak. And subsisting on crackers, cereal, and water doesn't make for much in the way of necessary nutrients to fight said illness, or avoiding losing weight, either. At this point, I'd just like for my stomach to stop hurting and to be less dizzy so I can finally get back to eating normally again, fix the whole nutrition thing with a more varied, balanced diet again, and actually get back to writing more often.

As you'd expect, illness can inhibit one's desire to be creative. Especially when you're malnourished, have been for over a week, and just want to collapse most of the time. Doesn't help when you have days when you feel like you're finally on the up and up immediately followed by a day or two of feeling terrible again, either. I've missed way too many good meals and desserts in these past eleven days. So let's hope I get well soon so I can pour a lot more time into novel work, the upcoming third round of agent queries (June's not far off!), and babble here some more. And also eat normally again and enjoy the whole good health/able to leave the house thing.

On a more positive note for this blog, its main focus. (This is your cue to make the jump to the main entry itself by clicking the title.)