Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do it. Do it NOW.

Just a friendly reminder from your (less than) favorite writer to all my American readers - today is November 4th. An absolutely critical, historic Election Day. Democracy in this country may be broken on many levels, but after eight years of George W. Bush and neo-conservative dominance, it's time we do our part to take back our nation from the regressives and start getting back on the right track.

Whatever your political beliefs, get out and vote.

(Then, however things turn out, at least you'll be able to have a valid political opinion on what happens, in having participated in our little democracy game. Let's all hope for the best, and for a day, do our duty as American adults.)

As for the rest of you? Well, I'm still trying to come up with some more good material to post about, but I'm sure we'll see at least a little election aftermath blurb like this sometime this month. And as I finish that novel and work on grad school applications, hopefully I'll find time to write some humor here and there as well - a little bit of some sort of brain food or another. (With any luck, the Raleigh Quarterly guys'll get that next issue up sometime this month so I'll have an excuse to point you over there to read my short story with an entry here.)

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