Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Illiteracy on the Internets

Just a very quick blurb this time around - yes, I know it's been nearly two weeks and you've all missed me dearly, but I'll come up with some ridiculous holiday stuff for the season soon, and maybe write something of substance. (Maybe. No promises.) Depends on how inspired I am. Still busy with other writing foci lately.

Anyway, the Raleigh Quarterly finally just recently updated their site with their second issue. So of course, that means I'm now finally published on these here internets, having won that "Teach Steve to Read" contest. As such, this is the part where I now direct your attention to where on the site my story can be read. It's a little something goofy, but do enjoy. It's more polished than the usual comic babbling I do here.

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