Friday, March 6, 2009

Sane Gaming: An Introduction

Hello and welcome again, dear readers.

This entry is intended to be a shorter one, as so to serve as an introduction and gateway to a series of posts beginning on Spiral Reverie this month that I call "Sane Gaming." As you'd surmise from the name, it's going to be a series of - ideally not terribly long and rambling (Though rambling's clearly my forte) - posts on video games, the gaming industry, and its current state. If you're not interested in such subjects, you can just as well pass on those posts, of course. But where I seek to split from every other gaming-oriented blog's editorials such as these lies in the target audience.

These posts are intended to be a series for demographics beyond the overrepresented one on the internet: the typical teen-to-thirtysomething male, in all the aggression and negativity that tends to dominate these communities and this audience. These posts are geared towards a range of you from those who've gamed for a longer time (Perhaps even decades) and feel disillusioned by attitudes pervading the hobby online now to those of you new to the hobby (Perhaps you've just bought a DS or a Wii in the past year and started getting into gaming, and are feeling marginalized by the lack of writing in gaming geared towards you because you weren't into the hobby before.), those of you looking for something upfront and honest, minus the pretension and elitism that tends to hang over a great deal of gaming writing, largely being geared towards an audience immersed more on Sony's market presence in the hobby in the past decade.

As a sort of table of contents for this post series, I'll be going back and linking this post to the entries on each of these subjects as they're written. In rough order, I'll be writing about:

Online Communities

The Current State of the Industry

Misconceptions about the Market

Third Party Software Support Issues

And an Overall Conclusion

After posting this introductory post in this series, I'll be writing and posting the Online Communities post, and writing one new post in the series per week, leading up into early April. Otherwise, I'll be looking for other subject matter to blog on each week as well, so those of you who aren't interested in gaming or this sort of look at it won't be left out either.

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