Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spiral Reverie Turns Three

Here we are, another new year, and now another decade. As you'd expect, people are arguing all over the internet over whether the new decade begins this year in 2010 or next year in 2011. The exact same argument the internet had over whether the new millennium began in 2000 or 2001 a good ten years ago. (Why do I still remember the internet ten years ago?) Of course, it's all arbitrary - technically every year is the beginning of a new decade as any block of ten random years is a decade. People just want to celebrate a shifting of the year's digits. Any excuse to make an even bigger deal out of a holiday about getting drunk. (Wait, that's every holiday.)

I've been less than reliable when it comes to post consistency as of late - not that I mean to be, mind you - and so, to start off the new year (There will be much more substantive content coming yet soon, plus a returning week-long feature from last year to look forward to in February.), have some mini-rambles! A handful of what you could consider cupcake equivalents of my usual ranting and rambling - a little bittersweet treat fit to give you mental indigestion. What more could you ask for?

Oh, of course! I know what you could ask for! The aforementioned mini-rambles turning into a series of several full-fledged posts instead! Because I don't know how to stop myself once I get rambling! (Otherwise it wouldn't be rambling. You can't control rambling. You'd just be holding it back then.)

Spiral Reverie had its third birthday on January 1st - and now, year four begins! (It's like Harry Potter, except it'll kill you inside. Also, less Dumbledore.)


CrazyCris said...

rambling is good, rambling can lead to some zany posts! ;o)

Benjamin Fennell said...

There's some pretty wacky excess going on in all of these. I've got two more political diatribes I'm going to go finish up for today now, then I've got a post on Haiti coming up and I think I'm going to do a Martin Luther King Jr. themed one - particularly looking at all his causes - since Martin Luther King Day just passed. With what looks like 7 posts in a matter of a few days hitting this week, I think it's safe to say I'm making up for how behind I've been. ;)

I've got three more longer posts that I started last year and haven't finished yet coming up, too - a Kurt Vonnegut one, looking at the ideas in one of his novels I recently enjoyed, then one on Krzysztof Kieslowski's final trilogy of films, and a writing one.

And on top of that, I plan on doing a second week of "Film for Lovers" Valentine's week posts in February, too, since the first series of those posts went over well last year.

CrazyCris said...

busy busy beaver! :p

Benjamin Fennell said...

Gotta make up for lost time, for better or worse, haha.