Friday, October 8, 2010

(Almost) Conaw Time! (Almost) Time for Conaw!

This is it, fellow Team Coco members. One month from tonight, Conan's new TBS series will debut at long last. (At 11 PM EST, going up against the Daily Show and Colbert Report.)

The other month, Conan finally released a video revealing the new show's name.

And there you have it! Conaw. Er, Conan. Simple and straight to the point.

Andy Richter will be sticking around as Conan's sidekick and presumably still his announcer since they left Joel Godard behind when they left New York.

The long-suspected Max Weinberg 7/Tonight Show Band shakeup has finally been confirmed, too. Max Weinberg has moved on and is working with a new group of musicians now - he didn't replace Kevin Eubanks on Leno (Who's rightfully facing poor ratings now) as many had suspected earlier in the summer. It looks like Jimmy Vivino's going to be the new bandleader with James "Worm" Wormworth fully replacing Max as the drummer. Basically, the usual lineup whenever Max toured with Bruce Springsteen in the past. Having toured with Conan this summer as The Legally Prohibited Band, the band's new name hasn't been announced yet. With any luck, we'll see them used more prominently in comedy sketches again, though, after they barely got to do any comedy during their short Tonight Show run.

Andy Richter confirmed in an interview a few months back that Conan will be returning in spirit to the Late Night days' style of comedy. Back to the surreality and general weirdness that made Late Night with Conan O'Brien a hit, which NBC had made them sharply tone down on the Tonight Show in hopes of drawing the older, more conservative Leno crowd that was never going to watch Conan to begin with. And of course, now that they're going to be on cable, they'll have even less limitations in terms of what they can get away with in their comedy than they did on NBC at 12:35. With just another month to wait, we've got a lot to look forward to.

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