Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Change You Hoped For

Whoa, hey. What is all this?

I don't like change.

I know that's what you're all thinking right now. Also, "Why the hell haven't you caught up on replying to comments lately?" I'd give you an excuse for that, but it was recently run over a bus. Several buses. Multitudes of buses. You understand how that is.

At any rate, most posts are coming soon. I went from being merely old to even more of an oldmin recently, and I'm obliged to prattle about that yearly. Also, it's been kind of a weird, stressful month year so far. Still working on getting rid of the mental congestion that's been hindering my writing here as of late.

Obviously, things have changed here. We all miss the bland gray - the nothing-but-gray. You're not alone in that. Unfortunately, technically relatively unique though that look for the blog may have been - particularly in the sense that most people have better aesthetic sense than I do as so to know not to just slap a bunch of grays together and call it a website - I suspect that many potential readers probably took one look at the blog's visual design and stomped off to forget about the site a full three and a half seconds later. As such, here I am, ever the boring conformist, with a massive new Spiral Reverie overhaul that no longer looks terrible.

Sure, it isn't unique, and I have to ascribe 100% of the credit for the layout, colors, and background image to the resources provided by the new template designer that Blogger added last year, which really removed all excuses for a terrible-looking blog. I resisted the temptation for a while, but in the end, I succumbed - I'm so sorry, ghostly readers. I've failed you all.

In the spirit of failure and the celebration of a new version of the blog, I hereby retire the Spiral Reverie 1.0 subtitle, which has served it well since its initial inception back in January of 2007. No longer will this site be 'Spiral Reverie: 'round and 'round the sickle spiral, dreaming of what's lost,' as appropriately gloomy as that was. Today, I present to you the birth of 'Spiral Reverie: tomorrow's robots, ineffectual today.' Think of it like the little superlatives they change in the opening of the Colbert Report every so often - just far less often in my case.

Someday, I will have an entirely unique looking, far better blog than I do today. A Spiral Reverie - the title of which, I'm sure you've all wondered about the meaning of for no less than years - that in no way resembles the Spiral Reverie today. A Spiral Reverie with a thousand times the regular content - and I'm going to try to post more routine short-form thoughts starting very soon - with better, original visual design, and a haunting atmosphere. Everything you look for in a struggling author's blog. Except maybe jetpacks - those things'll take your legs off. I would know.


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